Kanata 7's Indoor League Rules

Bylaw 1: League operations

a. All games will be run under the Kanata 7's laws of the game.

b. The league will be managed by the Kanata 7's Operating Committee. This committee is a minimum of 3 people from the Kanata 7's Board of Directors. They will meet once per week to review the operations of the league.

Bylaw 2: Divisions

a. The League shall consist of teams split into playing divisions, the number and size of which shall be determined by the Director of Operations. 

b. Three points shall be awarded for a win and one point shall be awarded for a tie. No points will be awarded for a loss.

c. In the event of a team withdrawing from the League, the entire record for that team shall be expunged from the standings.

Bylaw 3: Players

a. Each team must register between 11 and 18 players to play in the Kanata 7's Indoor League. 

b.  Teams may only dress a maximum of 16 players.

c. Only registered players may play in the Kanata 7's Indoor League.

d. Players must register via the Kanata 7's web site in accordance with the Player Registration Policy until the date of the registration deadline.

e. A team may deregister a player from their squad and replace him with another player at any time before the date of the registration deadline.

f. A player may transfer once per season to another team within the league in accordance with the Player Registration Policy.

g. A team may borrow 1 registered player for each game from another Kanata 7's Indoor League team unless the team already has 11 players or more dressed.

h. If after adding the player in accordance with bylaw 3f. the team has 7 or less players it may borrow additional registered players until it has a team of 8.

i. Coed teams can only have a maximum of 5 men on the field at anytime.  

j. Coed teams may borrow a maximum of 2 women to be able to field 7 players regardless of how many male players a team has.

k. A coach may request a player ID inspection prior to a game. Each player is requested to bring photo ID with them to each game. If a player does not have photo ID with him then the player is unable to play in the game. Both teams must participate in the player ID inspection which is carried out by the opposing coach.

l. Teams found guilty of playing an illegal player will default the game 4 - 0. Further discipline action may also be taken against the teams and or individuals concerned

Bylaw 4: Game Sheets & Reports

a. Each team is to present 2 copies of a game sheet to the referee before each game. The referee will complete the game sheet and return a copy to the team at the end of the game. The other game sheet is to be sent to the league.

b. A team who fails to complete their game sheet correctly may be subject to a $25 fine

c. A team who fails to submit a game sheet may be subject to a $25 fine

d. All players listed on the game sheet are assumed to have played in the game. Team officials should put a line through any player who is not in attendance but whose name appears on the game sheet.

e. Within 24 hours of the game each team must submit a game report via the web site. Failure to do so may result in a $25 fine.

Bylaw 5: Game officials

a. Only referees approved by the league shall officiate a game.

b. Referees shall receive game fees for their services in the amount determined by the Kanata 7's Board of Directors at the start of each season.

c. The referee shall be responsible for the conduct of the game in accordance with laws of the game.

d. At the conclusion of the game, the referee shall ensure that all sections of the game sheet are completed.

e. Referees who are also registered players and/or team officials may not referee matches in their own division or any other match in which there might be a conflict of interest.

f. Games where the officially appointed referee fails to appear will be rescheduled unless a mutually agreeable stand in, conforming to paragraph 'a' can be employed instead.

Bylaw 6: Canceled and abandoned games

a. Any team failing to field 5 players (registered to their own team) by the scheduled kick off time shall default the game 4-0 and be reported to the Kanata 7's Operating Committee.

b. If both teams fail to field 5 players by the scheduled kick off time they shall both be awarded a 4 - 0 default loss.

c. Defaulted games shall not be rescheduled.

d. If a game is abandoned the Kanata 7's Operating Committee shall rule on the outcome of the game.

Bylaw 7:  Team officials

a. Each team shall have a minimum of 2 team officials who will act as a point of contact for the Kanata 7's.

b. At every game each team shall designate an individual to act as coach.

c. The home and away coach shall identify themselves to the referee.

d. No coach may enter the field of play except where they are a player, unless requested to do so by the referee.

e. Coaches are recognized to be participants in games the same as players and as such are bound by the rules and regulations of the League and its affiliates.

Bylaw 8: Discipline

a. The Kanata 7's Indoor League will follow the Discipline Policies and Procedures as listed in the Kanata 7's Discipline Policy.

Bylaw 9: Protests

a. The Operating Committee shall hear all protests arising out of any game. The fee for such protests shall be $50.00. The protests shall be sent to the Kanata 7's Administrator in writing with this fee, within forty eighty (48) hours of the game to which it refers. The postmark shall be considered to be the date sent and no responsibility shall be assumed by the League for protests not received unless they are sent by registered mail.

b. Any protests relating to the field, goal posts, ball, colour or other appurtenances of the game shall not be entertained unless notice of complaint was lodged with the referee prior to the game or at the time it was discovered during the game. The referee shall require the team responsible to rectify the cause of the objection if this can be accomplished without unduly delaying the game. The referee may abandon the game if rectification is not possible and to continue would, in his/her opinion, be dangerous or otherwise unfeasible.

c. No protests pertaining to the decisions of the game officials shall be entertained.

d. The decision by the Kanata 7's Operating Committee will be final with no chance of appeal.

e. In the event that a protest is upheld, the protest fee shall be returned.

Bylaw 10: Inappropriate behavior

a. The Kanata 7's Board of Directors will expel any team or individual from the league if they are behaving in a manner deemed to be inappropriate for the success of the League.

Bylaw 11: Additional rules

a. The Kanata 7's Board of Directors may make emergency rulings on any matter not explicitly covered by these bylaws at any time.  The Board of Directors may also overrule items in these bylaws at any time, provided it is in the best interests of the League.

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