New text message service

The Kanata 7s are introducing a new text messaging service to its players and team managers. With this new service we will be able to communicate with you via text as well as via emails

We dont expect to be sending out a lot of text messages but we will use it occasionally particular if there is an urgent message that we would like to send to you, for example a game reschedule at short notice.

All players and managers who have entered a cell phone on their profile have been signed up for this service. If you would like to opt out of this service please log into your Kanata 7s account and go to the My Team section and select the Text Messaging Service tool.

Please also note that about 50% of players did not enter a cell phone # when they registered. These players will not be included in the service. If you did not enter your cell phone # and you would like to participate in this service please log into your account and enter your cell phone #

We will be sending out a text message to all players on Thursday morning to test that the new service is working.

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