Refund policy announcement

The Kanata 7s organizers have now approved a refund for the 19 teams who participated in the cancelled 2020 Spring League.

As some teams played more games than others it was decided that the only fair choice was to refund teams based on the number of games they had cancelled.

The refund calculation
After all the league expenses were paid it was calculated that each team would receive a refund of $132.51 for each cancelled game.

The following teams had 9 games cancelled so they will receive a refund of $1192.59

  • BadGirlz
  • Capital Punishment
  • Kanata Lasers
  • Pumas
  • Pure Chaos
  • Semtech Old Boys
  • The Flaming Flamingos
  • Wolves

The following teams had 8 games cancelled so they will receive a refund of $1060.08

  • Beckhams Offspring
  • BelairDirect FC
  • FC Stellar Ceramics
  • Flextronics
  • Gregans Gladiators
  • Mevex FC
  • Mitel United
  • Rangers
  • Tremors
  • Vandelay Industries

The following team had 7 games cancelled so they will receive a refund of $927.57

  • Asmis FC

The refund process
Each team will have the choice of

a) Receiving a refund for the amount as shown above.
b) Paying a deposit of $200 for entry to the 2020 Fall League and receiving a refund for the remaining amount
c) Crediting the full amount (as shown above) towards their 2020 Fall League entry fee

Teams who select options b) or c) will receive a refund should the 2020 Fall League be postponed as a consequence of the continuing COVID pandemic.

Teams who select options b) or c) will lose their $200 deposit if they subsequently decide to withdraw from the 2020 Fall League.

Each team manager is requested to email Dawn Dinsdale with their choice by the end of April. The team manager is also asked to send Dawn his or her postal address.

Cheques payable to the team manager will be posted by mid May.

When the cheque is posted all team members will be notified by email.

Each team manager is then asked to redistribute the refunds appropriately for each team member.

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