Thursday Division 1

1Bleu Nuit141301117229539
4Gregan's Gladiators147164859-1122
5Beckhams Offspring146353755-1821
6Mitel United145184556-1116

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Remi POUPARTBleu Nuit31
2Liam JONESBleu Nuit30
3Stephen FULTONRangers29
4Cristofer VIDALBleu Nuit21
5Illya ZUBARYEVSelects16
6James DAYBleu Nuit14
7Vito MAZZUCA Rangers14
8Angelo CANPOSARCONERangers12
9Jeff BEATYMitel United12
10Tosin ONISelects12

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Steven LACKEYRangers3
2Liam LAFRANCEBleu Nuit2
3Brent DOXTATERBleu Nuit1
4Jonson HOMitel United1

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